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Originally Posted by BlueByte View Post
I honestly don't know what to say. As long as no throttling has happened under windows 8 it has to be a driver of some sort. I can tell you the apu builds I have done with windows 8 have all impressed me. The only thing that ticked me off in early builds was steams big picture would crash in windows 8 on an apu system.

My 8350 , has the same core design with a crossfire build as well and I just do not get this dive in results going to windows 8. If you do figure this out please post your findings I would be interested what happened.

Something else to do is save your bios settings and run stock and see if its any different Between the OSes, throttling can kick in for funny reasons. You might have already done this, I am mobile right now and I can't remember if you had done this.
Well I'm too new to this OC business to even full understand what your asking.

Did you see the Cinebench results, there at least Win8 got OK FPS (about 40) but the CPU test was significantly lower in Win7 than in Win8. (2.26 vs 3.52) which I take to mean the CPU test in Win7 is coming in 50% better than the Win8 test.

Run Stock? By that do you mean go to the default settings and see if that makes any difference?
"Throttling" - no idea what that term means, but it does not sound good. How would I know if there is any throttling going on?

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