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My System Specs

Default Win7 Vs Win8 in Cinebench.

Loaded Cinebench to see what it saw.

Unfortunately I got an "OpenGL Reference matching test failure" warning and even though I retried the test with various settings I was not able to get past that error for the GPU test. So no comparisons to the FPS between Win7 and Win8. Although the Win8 FPS was respectable ( or so I think?)

Any tips on getting the OpenGL GPU test to work in Win7. The resolution is the same in both so not sure why it works in Win8 but not Win7. Both are 64bit.

Here is Win8 results:

I was able to run the CPU test, and the same CPU tested in Win7 vs Win8 shows considerable differences;

My Win7 results:

The difference with the two orange results are one is at 43X CPU multiplier and the other I upped the multiplier in AI Suite to 44x and see a slight increase. The bottom two results are the tests done in Win8.

Thoughts on the differences???

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