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Just thought I'd update everyone on this as I've now been a WIND customer for a couple months. They work similar to the way Koodo works, in that you pay a larger upfront amount for your phone than you would through full subsidy on a contract through other providers, but you are then not locked in to a contract. (Rogers might charge $149 for a GS3, where Wind's upfront cost is $249) The remainder of what the phone costs at retail is added to a 'WindTAB'. So if retail for the phone is $499, and you paid $299 upfront, then $200 is applid to your WindTAB. From that point, any bill amount you pay reduces your TAB by 10% of the total bill. For example, I have a $40 plan, so $4 is taken off the amount owing on my TAB every month. At the end of three years, any amount owing on your TAB is simply removed altogether. However, if I choose to leave WIND after 2 years, the balance on my TAB is all I would have to pay, rather than any cancellation or contract fees. Using the example above, of a $499 phone with a $200 tab, my amount owing would be $200 - (24 x $4) = $104. This is a lot more reasonable than the double cancellation fees you have to pay with a contract! (Phone subsidy cancellation + data plan cancellation)

Yes you can bring over any unlocked phone that supports pentaband if you don't want to do the TAB thing. This basically means no iPhones are supported, and a few other random phones. Unfortunately, some of the major phones only have specific models that are capable of pentaband support for WIND as well. For example, I believe the T999 is the specific model of GS3 that you must have for WIND support. However I haven't delved in to this too deeply.

So far Wind has been fantastic in their customer service. My only two major complaints are:
1- Limited coverage. This sucks for sure, espescially if you travel.
2- Delayed release of new phones. This means it'll likely be March before I can really drill down and decide if I am going to go with WP8 or BB10. (I can't wait to get away from Android)

At the end of the day, it's very difficult to walk away from the $40 plan. I get unlimited calling to anywhere in Canada OR the Continental US, unlimited text to Can and US, and unlimited data! Nobody else even comes close to touching that deal. The only one I've seen was Koodo for their holiday deal, but it was $57, limited to Canada wide, and had a 2GB data limit. But their coverage and full phone support helps make up for the difference.
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