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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Glad to hear you figured it out! Just out of curiosity, were you using the original Samsung USB cable?
Yes, it was the original USB cable.

Here are some additional notes and comments:
  1. I think that the main lesson-learned is to be sure that your phone is 100% charged before you start. Mine was around 75% and I read that Odin likes a a full charge. While my phone was soft-bricked, it apparently was still charging and this may have been helpful for my last desperate try when I restarted the stock ROM restoration flash without resetting Odin.
  2. Another lesson-learned is to make sure that your Windows environment is fully up-to-date. It was very annoying when it is installing updates during the many reboots where I was installing/reinstalling drivers/Kies. Somebody please port Odin to Linux!
  3. Speaking of drivers, I found a newer version of the Samsung USB drivers in a file called SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe. Sorry, I don't remember the link. This was the turnaround point for me because my laptop could recognize the device again once I installed this. The Driver Manager in the OP annoyingly installed some Norton tag-along program adding to my confusion.
  4. I was home-free once I got the the original ROM reinstalled and the cyanogen recovery installed. I flash my Nook Color and Nook Tablet with CM10 all the time. I read that one should never perform the full factory reset on the stock SGS ROM as it could brick it so I think that the double flash approach here is a good idea.
  5. I was a little disappointed with the initial performance of the CM10.1 ROM but I'm sure it takes a little while for the ROM and application caches to fill up and "self optimize". After a full day of running the performance is now excellent. I closely monitor the CPU with CPU Spy and OS Monitor no-gmaps apps. Battery usage appears comparable to the stock ROM.
  6. The FM radio is important to me and I installed a Jan 18 development version of Spirit FM. This version resolves the issue of potentially damaging your phone's speaker.
  7. With the initial issues with performance, the Google speach interface was not working (a reported issue with CM10.1 on SGS) and would slow down the system making me reboot even after I upgraded it. But now it is working fine!?
  8. I bumped up the top processor speed from 1000 to 1200MHz. A little while later, the screen went blurry and the phone froze up. Probably why the ROM isn't installed this way by default! Reboot restored to the original setting and no problems since.

I'm now extremely pleased with the upgrade from Gingerbread.

Also, your How-To is very good and the best one for the SGS that I've seen.

Thanks so much!

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