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My System Specs


I couldnt make you wait.

The postman came today and delivered me these!

What is it? The excitement is killing me!!! :Crazy:

i love how good this universal block looks.... its soooo pretty.

So, time to operate!!!
This is what it looks like right now:

It wont look like this again :muhahahahah :crazy:

Time to take this off... Oh you beautiful shroud.
Fun fact, they have LEDs built in here... tracking load.

Great cards too. They are the 3GB Galaxy 660ti. In SLI these things are beasts, they can take on pretty much everything out there, and an amazing value for what you pay NCIX has them on sale frequently in pairs for around $600. Easily the best Value for your dollar.

The fans are silent in comparison to the reference blowers, and they keep the cards pretty damn cool. On load at stock they wouldn't touch 65c and with a nominal OC, and some adjustment in profile, they would stay under 75c

Its a shame im doing a watercooled build, as I love the design of the stock coolers too. i wish i could keep them but i wanted these beauties under water :D

Surgery time!!

So lets get a closer look at the block:

OH HI!!!

So, how do they look on the cards?
You can be the judge :D

What do you think of this :Bleu Mod!

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