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My System Specs


If you want to experiment (...), you can "capture a WU" and let your system fold it. Do remember that you will not get any points for it. You can capture a WU by copying the entire SMP2 directory while the WU is being folded. You will have to reconfigure the Client and set this option (in advance configuration):
Ignore any deadline information (mainly useful if
system clock frequently has errors) (no/yes) [no]?
Set it to "Yes". You can then hold this WU indefinitely and use it to test your system. In the Work folder, you can keep only wudata_0X.dat and wuinfo_0X.dat files and delete the rest so it will fold from the start. (This may vary from version to version and I tested it with v6.30). I also choose to block the Client from internet connection to ensure that it won't connect to the Servers.
Folding Forum ? View topic - Guide For Running bigadv On Windows Natively (A3 Core)

This set of instructions was written using the V6 Client, which has been a while since I used it. For a GPU Client, the 'SMP2' folder should be named 'GPU'. The 'Work' folder remains the same. For consistency, I would let the WU be folded for 10 frames, since the tpf (time-per-frame) can vary ever so slightly. Once you have an average tpf, this site could be used to calculate an average ppd (points per day): Folding@home Bonus Point Calculator
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