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I am just curious why you want your fps so high for wow. Yah i am sure sitting in any major city or doing a 5 man heroic might be great for a 560ti maxed on the 2500 res, but i know for a fact theres no way he's raiding on certain encounters in 10man and especially 25 where that 560ti is going to be able to handle maxed without a massive dumping on the fps no matter how well his gpu and or cpu is oce'd for that res. This new expansion especially has alot of fights where theres more then needed aoe effects and other glitzy wow shit on he screen. I dont see he 560 ti cuting it on maxed. There is however some things he can do in the interface and graphics options that can totally make the game look just as sexy while improving his fps in game or at least streamline i at a solid amount of fps.
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