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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
What's your end goal?

Maximum sustainable overclock or lower fan noise?

What you're asking is hard to find out unless someone has done testing with the exact 2 combinations you are contemplating. However, I'd say that if you are looking at a block that's a difference of 1-2 degrees from "best" then it's your radiator that will have the most effect on your loop. If it's 5-6 degrees then it's the block that will govern temps more than radiator.

You should post what combinations you are thinking about and let the forum give you some pros and cons.
I'd like to hit 10Ghz with no noise lol...... Realistically a low amount of noise with a mildish overclock (Think 4.4GHz on an i5-3570k).

I Didn't really have any specific parts yet but I'll try and find some and post some links. Thanks for the help!
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