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My System Specs


Much better to go with 2 sticks of 4GB RAM and get dual channel functionality right from the get go. It's the same price as 1 stick of 8GB, but you'll get boatloads more performance right off the hop. If you want to add more RAM, you can always get another 2x4GB in the future and populate the 3rd and 4th RAM slots. That will give you a total of 16GB of RAM. I mean really, how much RAM do you think you'll need?

And, if you're not going to listen to the advice of people like 3.0 Charlie in this matter, why did you even bother coming here?

BTW, the best CPU cooler is often the cheapest. Case in Point, the Coolermaster Hyper 212+ is between $25-$30, and that buys you all sorts of 'free' overclocking headroom.

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