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Hmmmm... Well he might of had a static charge and shorted out the board. Like others have suggested. Take out all the cards in your system. Then try to boot up. Then put the cards back one at a time and boot up. Try different PCI slots, maybe only one is only fried. Unless of course you've already done that.

I can't see it being the 4pin molex your brother plugged in. In my XFX nForce 680i LT motherboard manual there are instructions to plug in the 4pin molex connector. It says its for the auxiliary power for graphics cards. I'm sure they would mention something in the manual not to plug it in if it may cause a problem.

If you have the same board, it could very well be defective too. Almost 40% of the XFX nForce 680i LT motherboards have been reported DOA or defective. People have had them run fine for a few weeks and the all of a sudden without any warning POOF, it stops working. Just googgle "XFX nForce 680i LT motherboard + problems" and you see what I'm talking about!

Here are a few things I read about on various forums that might help concerning the 680i. Don't know if it will help, but you never know.

-- "After looking back at the motherboard to see if everything is connected, I turn to the manual and check the power button connector only to find out that it is connected to the wrong place. I had it connected to the serial header instead of the 'power supply on' connector. On this motherboard the front panel connectors were not where they were on my old motherboard. They are the different colored connectors by the auxiliary graphics power connector. The yellow connectors at the bottom of the board are serial headers."

-- "went into my bios and changed my ram memory voltage to 2.2 mine was set at 1.9

-- "If you have 2 sticks of memory, each one goes i a white slot, not a white and black slot or two black slots.
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