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Default APU hybrid Xfire?

Originally Posted by BlueByte View Post
..... Might be purely driver related with the apu hybrid xfire and windows 8.
When you say APU hybrid Xfire - are you referring to AMD's "Dual Graphics" crossfire between the APU and a discrete card? I have two HD6670's Xfired, I'm not using the APU Graphics at all, even though it does show up in some tests, it is dormant. At least I believe that is the case, I had hoped that I could get all three into a three way Xfire, but I do not think that is possible, pursued that idea a while back.

In my FRAP's testing of games I did find that I had to disable Xfire for some games to work. I should do up a thread on Crossfire and the games I have, maybe somethings wrong with the way I'm set up, but I found last night that Dirt Showdown didn't like the either the two 6670's Xfired or the Dual Graphic mode with the APU & one 6670 Xfired, but did run on just the one 6670 GPU. Dirt3 just refused to load for me, but that had something to do with authentication, will pursue that later. Warbirds would start in Xfire but would close suddenly, it ran for quite a while with Xfire disabled, it is an older game but again why would having my graphics Xfired affect whether it runs or not?

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