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Default LANified! 13: The Swarm, Calgary Mar 23-24

LANified! invites you to our next great event, LANified! 13: The Swarm. This event is a two day LAN party, consisting of casual gaming, tournaments, file sharing, on-site concession and plenty of prizes. The event runs from Saturday Noon Mar 23rd 2013 to Sunday 6pm Mar 24th 2013 in Calgary Alberta Canada.

We will be running the following tournaments:

Team Fortress 2 3v3 KotH: Rules and Format
Super Smash Brothers: Melee 1v1: Rules and Format
Super Smash Brothers: Melee 2v2: Rules and Format
Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm 2v2: Rules and Format

And the following mini-tournaments:

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm 8-Player FFA: Rules and Format
Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive 10-Player FFA: Rules and Format
Team Fortress 2: Rocket Jumping FFA: Rules and Format

But what is a LAN party?

LAN parties are gaming events where people bring their computers (desktops or laptops) to a designated location and connect them all in one network. Our event will also have a console tournament on-site in addition to computer space.

Okay, that sounds interesting, why should I haul my rig to such an event?

It is true, it can sometimes be a pain to move your computer, but there are great things going on at LAN parties. There will be plenty of other people there who love gaming and want to play games with you. You'll be able to discover games you haven''t seen before, form teams to compete in tournaments and win cash, stay up late playing crazy mods together, swap files at blazing gigabit speeds and so much more. Our LAN parties offer a continual event where you get to come and have a lot of fun with other gamers, you might even make some friends.

You sold me, I want to go, what do I need to know?

If you plan to attend our event we recommend you head to the event page and sign up. You make an account (or use one if you already have one), then on the event page hit the sign-up button once you've logged in. If you are absolutely certain you are attending we highly recommend you prepay. Once you sign up, go back to the event page, then hit prepay, it's in the same spot, the rest should be a breeze. Prepaying guarantees you a seat and is more affordable than our at the door price.

For full details of our coming event, head to the Event Details.

LANified! runs public services for people to use. We invite you to use them as you see fit. Primarily, we welcome you to come use our mumble server ( default port). It's a fully public server, so come use it as you see fit, and there's plenty of room to go around. We use it all the time, and so do many others. If you want a channel added, just ask. Mumble is a great VoIP tool, with the lowest latency of all the VoIP tools, plus supports Windows/Mac/Linux. If you aren't using Mumble to communicate with your gaming comrades, maybe now is the time to change that. If you don't have Mumble installed, head to: Mumble

If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or contact us on our own forum.

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