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Ok, Bluebyte will give it a try with crossfire disabled in Win8 and see what I get. I did reload FRAPS and played a couple of games. Could not get Dirt3 to play, something about being unable to authenticate. Hope my CD is not damaged? Anyway played a little Warbirds (older flight simulator) and Dirt Showdown. I found Dirt Showdown did not like Crossfire at all, it crashed (pardon the pun if you know the game). With cross fire disabled I could get about 60 fps when played on just my 24" LCD screen, when pushed to the full three screen array (4800x900) FPS dropped into the 20's and frankly the way I drive the wide screen made me dizzy when I was spinning the car about the dockyards, but it does look cool in the wide screen. I really didn't notice much of a difference visually between the 20 something wide screen and the 60 in the smaller screen.

With Warbirds, again it preferred the crossfire disabled, and I was getting 60 FPS in the wide 4800x900 screen. In flight simulators the wide screen is real nice as you can "look out the side window" and see the landing strip you miss judged go by or see bad guys coming at you. Planes don't spin around like little rally cars do in Dirt games - well at least not until they are spinning out of control after you've been hit and are crashing to the ground as warning buzzers flash "bail out!". I'm not very good at either game.

I do hope some of my newer games will appreciate the crossfired pair of HD6670's. Hate to think that the second 6670 is just taking up space in my PC case and of no real use.

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