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Good question mang...I honestly have no idea.

The nitrogen system in this rig is there for 2 reasons ;

1) To provide inert 'fireproof' gas zones where required.This feature is strictly to save money.Technically , this rig should be build with 'explosionproof' motors , switches/computers/sensors etc......However , I can save a lot of cash by just putting these components in a positive nitrogen atmosphere.

2) To provide an inert (read;fireproof again...) gas for the evaporation component of the cooling system.This rig won't just be about dry ice and alcohol...I intend to try and evaporate the alcohol from both tanks as fast as I can.This will increase cooling.....

Now , #1 only needs 2-5 PSI at most , wheras #2 is variable , lets say 30 PSI max...

I'll be running 'K' type tanks.


After many hours of burning/grinding/filing/sanding , I have finished the machining on the main tank inner.I reduced the bottom plate diameter by 5/8 of an inch ;


The large keg also underwent a serious grinding , to allow the inner inside hehe...the main dewar is nearly finished.All thats required is the seal between the two , and the vacuum in line.I might put work into some sort of finish , I hav'nt decided....

This dewar weighs 48 lbs , and has a capacity of 38 litres.It's also fully vented , but you can't see that yet.It's a surprise !!


I have re-assembled the current components into 'planning mode' ;


I'll have some more pics tomorrow.

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