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My System Specs


Well I found Prime95 and put my CPU to a Torture Test - after three hours I shut it down, nothing should be tortured that long right? Anyway it passed 99 tests in that time,failed none, no warnings issued, the CPU temp rose to 60 C. Not sure how hot is too hot for a CPU or GPU (they stayed in the 30 - 40C range and the MB was mid 30 range. Seems only the CPU was being tested.

I also found that while I can set the system to 44x in BIOS and boot to Win8, Win7 has issues with the CPU set to 44x and shut down a few times. Works OK at 43 so I guess I'll just leave it there. 43x vs 44x don't expect that much of a difference. I can take it to 46x in AI Suite if I want to in Win8, Win7 likes 43x as max unless I'm prepared for sudden shut down.

I'll have to go back to FRAPS and see what I can see in the real world.

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