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Question Possible to run speakers and headphones at the same time?

Hey, i have a logitech g110 keyboard, and my x12 headset is plugged in through it. i also have a speaker system plugged into the back of my computer. i was wondering if i would get them to work at the same time. i want to be able to set which programs use which audio device. for example, i could set up video games to run through the headset, and i could have music and youtube videos run through the speakers. I have been able to get it to where if i am playing music through my headset, and i click the test button for my speaker it will play the noise through my speakers only while my headphones are playing my music, but i havent been able to setup anything better than that . If this isnt possible, would i at least be able to setup one of my g-keys to switch between my headset being active, and my speakers being active? thanks in advance for your support
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