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My System Specs


Found a new GPU test at the Furmark - 3DGeek's website, simply called GpuTest. It says it supports Win8, unlike Furmark which does not mention Win8 (even though it seemed to work OK in Win8).

Anyway, here are these new results (also at 720, not 1080 because I get an error message saying try another resolution when I try 1080) FYI I'm running at 4800x900 screen resolution.

Shows 32 FPS.

Also just a note, I did re-run Furmark without ASUS AI Suite monitoring temperatures, not a significant difference between the two tests, but I did watch this one run and noticed that it is using 99% of GPU one, and 62% of GPU two. Not sure why only 62% of the second GPU capacity but that's what I saw on the screen. It also showed the integrated GPU in my APU(CPU) and it was at 0% which is what it should be as this is not enabled if two graphic cards are installed.

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