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Originally Posted by radish View Post
does anyone have any idea how to sleeve water cooling cables?!
First up is how to create straight runs of tubing as well as nice clean bends.

First you'll obviously need some tubing. I'll be using 3/8" (10mm) ID 1/2" (13mm) OD tubing since it works w/ SATA sleeve.

You'll need two difference sizes of rope. One slightly smaller than the inner diameter of your tubing and the other the same size as the inner diamter of the tubing.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Loop the smaller diameter rope through the tubing. Then throw it in the boiling water for a minuter or two. It should be soft and very pliable when you pull the tubing out of the water. Hold the tubing very tight and straight, even to a point where you are slightly stretching the tubing. Caution as the tubing and rope will be very hot. Then proceed to run the tubing under cold tap water. Keep it as straight as possible while you are doing this. Keep doing this until the tubing is as cold as the water running over it, which takes about a minute or so. You can pull the rope out of the tubing. The run of tubing should now be relatively straight. There may be a slight curve to the tubing, but no where near like before. But it will be nice and straight once you get it in your rig as long as the runs are the right length.

Now on to the bends. I use the following for my bends. I think they are made by Alphacool but I've had them so long I can't remember for sure. They aren't required though, just make it a bit easier.

For this you'll want to use the larger rope. Feed the rope through the tubing as much as possible. You likely won't be able to do more than a couple of inches since it will be very tight. You want it to make it through the whole bend though, otherwise it will collapse more than likely.

Then hold the end of the tubing in the pot of boiling water for a couple of minutes until it is soft and pliable. Hold the tubing in the position you want it. I use my 90 bend plastic pieces for this instead. The bend will come out a bit softer than what it was held in. So maybe try over bending the tubing ever so slightly. Then run it under the tap water like we did with the straight run.

See my worklog for more pics. :D Almost every tubing run was manipulated this way.

Now on to sleeving the tubing w/ SATA sleeve.

First you'll obviously need some SATA sleeve. When you cut the ends of the sleeving do not pinch the sleeving at all while melting. They will likely be too small to fit over the tubing afterwards.

You will need to use 3/8" (10mm) ID 1/2" (13mm) OD tubing and compressions. I do not believe anything larger will work.

Slide the sleeving over the tubing. Line the end of the sleeving up with the end of the tubing. You want the sleeving to be tight but not too tight. Just enough to get rid of any of the waves out of the sleeving. If you have it too tight you will see the tubing underneath too much. You want the sleeving to be the exact same length as the tubing. So mark the sleeving where it reaches the other end of the tubing. Slide the sleeving off the tube a bit then cut and melt the end. Once again you don't want to pinch the sleeving or it will be too small and not fit over the tubing.

Before you slide the sleeving back over the tubing you'll want to throw the compression rings on. It will be too hard to do so afterward. Yes I am aware one of them was backwards in this pic. :lol:

Slide the sleeved tubing over the compression fitting. It may fray a bit but that is ok. The sleeving can not be over top of the compression ring threads though.

Tighten the compression ring in place. It shouldn't be too hard. It will be tight enough to hold the sleeving in place.

And I'll throw in this pic just because.
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