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My System Specs

Default Furmark and my BIOS OC settings.

Originally Posted by BlueByte View Post
Are you overlooking the gpu and cpu in the bios or through the os? What are you temps under prime95 -1 core plus running furmark. I think Sky had mentioned somewhere that amds software right now was the only accurate temp reading on the new amds. If you are overlooking in the os you might not have the exact same settings and might be overheating and causing it to throttle.

Also make sure your Memory is running as fast as it can go. I know amds like to default to 1333mhz, that would cause your gpu to choke.
Ok - I am overclocking (not overlooking) the CPU in Bios, and have set the GPU Bios option to "extreme" in ASUS BIOS settings. I've OC'd the CPU to 44x (tried more but system does not like it and will shut down).

In the OS I can OC another point or two to 45 or even 46 using ASUS's AI Suite. When I try to OS using AMD's CCC Vision Control it causes the system to shut down.

For Memory I'm using 1600 Mhz Kingston RAM but have it running at 1800 (CPU-Z reports an actual NB frequency in the range of 1785-1793 Mhz. I believe this is achieved in the BIOS when I set the CPU-NB value to 120%. I also set the CPU current to 130% and the CPU Voltage to Auto select. The "target" for memory is set to DDR3 1600 Mhz. NB Frequency is "auto". These are BIOS settings.

"What are you temps under prime95 -1 core plus running furmark?" 57 C - It would only let me select the 720 preset saying it could not go to full screen in 1080??? Will try this again in Win7 in a bit. I did not load Prime95, shy about "torture test" for the GPU. And not sure what you mean by 1 core plus running furmark. I just ran the furmark 720 test. Anyway, these are the results.

My temp's according to ASUS AI Suite Monitor show CPU temp of 40C and MB temp of 34 C. I left the AI monitor running in the background during the furmark test to track temperatures, the CPU rose gradually to about 51 then back down again to 40ish. The MB temp seemed pretty constant, maybe a degree or two on the graph.

I didn't see any temp report for the GPU in AI Suite but AMD Vision Engine Control Centre (VECC) reports GPU is about 40 C. (The same before and after the Furmark test, did not look at it during).

The GPU fan is running at 39%. I have not enabled Manual speed control on the GPU which is an option in AMD's VECC. Should I?

Curious note about AMD VECC, although I can switch to my second GPU which does show up as being enabled through Crossfire - AMD's VECC has no readings for this second GPU. (well almost none, it does show the fan speed at 20% but reports the Temp is 0 C , clock is 0 Mhz, activity is 0%. ) Is this normal? It is the same in Win8 & Win7 for this second GPU. It does get readings in Furmark and GPU-shark. (clicking GPU-Z does not seem to do anything?).

Here is my GPU-Shark view of my GPU's.

I'm using Fan Expert in AI Suite I've set a pretty aggressive fan speed kicking in at higher RPM at lower temperatures than the default settings, so I do hear a small hum of the fans but that's OK by me, rather keep the system cooler. I have two CPU fans (push-pull set up on a Coolermaster Hyper212plus) plus a front and rear fan - I went with an upgraded fans (Scythe "slip stream") which have independent control nobs, which are not much use, I set them to max and then control fan speed through the OS.

Still tweaking . . .

Fort Kent, Alberta

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