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My System Specs


Originally Posted by nasrott View Post
mouse grab a rat7 albino there nice, I have a couple 27" asus monitors now running on 1-7970 though my onboard gpu on my cpu is running one of them. Have run both on the 7970 prior to this new cpu/board I just bought.

As far as your drives is just much neater to have a decent size ssd doing games, apps and OS. Then a single 2-3 tb drive for storage. I run 2 ocz ssd's in raid0. Your chipset on your rig don't play nice with raid on ssd and trim so...

Maybe consider a new card versus another 7850 prices been dropping on the 7970's, your monitors and a new mouse, possibly a big ssd as others mentioned, 240 or better idea.
I've looked at the rat 7 and .. meh :| it looks like a broken mouse to me lol

I will look into getting an big SSD.. although my PC is currently booting up in under 9 seconds from the BIOS (2min+ if you count the RAID card initialization)

I hear my chipset is fine for SSDs and PCI-E SSDs lol

Originally Posted by Luay79 View Post
I would do it differently. Throw away your GF's GTs 450 and put the HD 7850 in there. get your self a HD 7970.
never throwing my GTS 450, that thing has lasted me forever :D putting a 7850 in my GFs rig would be COMPLETE overkill lol

Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
Your system is definitely nice enough as is, the best performance increase at this point would be a SSD

i currently have an Agility 3 SSD :)
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