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My System Specs

Default 7970 Oblivion Ed. Extreme settings

Just having some fun with Oblivion. Never got around to actually finishing it. Damn undersea dome/house. I thought I was playing the Sims I guess. At least I never bought horse armor.

I wanted to test how the graphics game was coming along since 2006. I hadn't played since I had my X1950Pro CF setup in another build which never got above 30fps at those gate things. So I reinstalled it to play it before I get Skyrim.

With my newer GPU (7970) I went balls to the wall. The only mods I have installed thus far is Qarl's texture pack and an updated sound package.

I find it funny that in some spots, even without the mods I can get as little as 29fps if I carefully aim in the right direction of nearly empty space. That shows you how really unoptimized some games can really be.

However, with the settings below I can get ungodly framerates and Oblivion never looked better. Every slider in game was maxed as well. Truth be told I never though with such extreme settings with the texture pack that I would get that good a framerate. I thought I was gonna teach this card who was boss. is.

24xEQ Edge detect with MLAA and HDR!? Yes please! I really need a new 30" monitor though.
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