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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
You have a nice setup. Congrats.
For improvements....
Drop the RAID'ed hdds and go for a PCI-E ssd. Biggest improvement to game load times you will find. Hell even a Sata SSD will kick the crap out of those Atlas hdds.
Get a bigger - and better - SSD for your OS.
Drop another GPU in their and make it fly for games. This is almost a requirement IF you plan on going for dual 27' monitors. ;)

And yeah that mouse would worry me....Id be afraid I would wake up one night with it looming over me...trying to probe me :P
Thanks for the feedback again mate :)

I will invest in a SATA SSD or a PCI-E SSD then, this will be something I buy next month due to my Atlas' providing more than enough throughput for the current games I play (Battlefield 3, GTA IV, Diablo 3, Far cry 3) I want to get the monitor/s in 1st, whether I buy one or two, I am not too sure yet.. I can afford 2, but my 7850 has DVI, HDMI, DP, DP.. which is rather annoying as the 27" uses DVI/VGA..

Well, with 2GB Vram, I should be set as I won't be running my games across both screens anyway..

So this is the order I will buy the stuff you guys recommend:
1 27" Monitor > next month > another monitor + SSD > month after > PSU / Another 7850

on a side note: Wouldn't my 1100T bottleneck my 2 7850's? because as it stands, I don't think I have a bottleneck.. and I would like to keep it that way

As for the mouse: I need it.. I have big hands lol
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