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Many of the Nova's are (IIRC and dont quote me on this) made by the ChiCom mfg'er "Sirfa" (think "High Power" an actual sub of Sirfa, Sirtech, some Geil, some OCZ, some kingwin, some low end Enermax...and a crapton of others). Not exactly what I would classify as tier 1 but some of their kit is decent. Wouldnt be my first...or 5th choice but probably not crap either.

500 should be enough, but it is on the edge. Id do it IF it was Seasonic or other Tier 1 PSU...but it is on the edge of what I would personally be comfortable with. As the caps age they dont handle the same juice as they used to be OK with. So in 3-4 years what is on the edge may cause the magic smoke to escape. :P
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