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Default No Luck with PCMark

Could not get PCMark11 to work on either my Win8 or Win7 setup. PCMark7 still returns a video performance of about 2 fps - obvious error. I've tweaked the system to 4.5 GHZ. I set it to 4.4. in the BIOS and one more point in AI Suite, when I try 4.5 or more in BIOS the system is unstable and it takes a bit to even reboot back into BIOS settings (several restarts, it starts up then shuts off.

I did see on a video how to reconfigure my "reset" button to boot to BIOS which might be a handy trick. For fun I ran NovaBench after all my tweaking, the score was the worst I've ever got 665. But on the upside my Windows Index is now a nice even, lucky 7.0.

I also found a neat ASUS app that lets you select reboot to the Bios, so no waiting for that magical moment to press the delete key.

Beside Futuremarks' products what else gives a good Free benchmark?

I did try PCWizard but it always hangs in Win8 so that one is out. CPU-Z does work but it just reports on what is there (and it does not get my graphic right. I should try FRAPS again and just see what FPS I'm getting in real life games, not that I have any of the high end graphic games to use it on. Just flight simulators and racing games like Dirt3 and NFS.

Well it's pushing 1:00 a.m. best call it a day and play a different game tomorrow.

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