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My System Specs

Default So... what next?

Hi guys

If you've seen my previous post, you'll know I built a 2013 AMD Gaming Rig which packs an 1100T, 16GB RAM and a Radeon HD 7850.

I was wondering.. I get paid on the 24th of this month and I was thinking about throwing some more money into this computer. I've got 400-500 to spend.

Things I've thought about buying:
- A better PSU
- 2 27inch ASUS Monitors
- Another Gigabyte HD7850
- A better mouse / keyboard

Specs I haven't listed in my rig:
I got a Antec Kuhler H20 920 and a Dell Perc5i RAID card with 2x Maxtor Atlas V 10k RPM 146GB HDDs attached in RAID 0

Here's my current desk setup incase any of you guys have any ideas for improvements:

(Sorry for the bad quality)
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