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My System Specs


Originally Posted by BWallz View Post
Alright, so as a first time computer builder, I required the help of my friends.. They helped me a lot.

Now I am at a stand still. I bought the card in Nov. of 2012 and I am lacking the fps I wanted.

I run 40 -70 fps on ultra in WoW it goes up and down a lot.

Not to mention I am a noob at GPU's :(

I run a quad core amd 4.3 ghertz processor with 32 gigs of ram, a EVGA 560 ti, 2TB HDD and a 120g SSD.

The main question is.. If i was to go for another gpu such as the 660 ti or the 670 can I use two, to achieve out standing benchmarks without sli/xfire considering they are only 6 apart on the benchmarks to begin with?

I don't mind replacing the card and selling it but.. I would rather use them to my advantage since I want to run a second monitor, much smaller than my main one 18 inch I believe opposed to my 47 inch hdtv.

is their anything I can do?
another thing is that I really doubt that you would notice any real difference from 40 fps and over, I used to play ET years ago and my video card back then was giving me 43 fps on average, I then went out and bought a way better card which gave me vell over 150 fps but in the game play I didn't notice anything different at all. online gaming has allot to do with your Internet as well as any FPS over 40 or something like that, I am not even sure what the human eye is able to see if it is 28 fps or what but , I wouldn't worry to much about FPS if you are over 30 also how many fps does your monitor handle 60 maybe?
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