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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
There is no way in hell you need that good of a system to max out WoW.

I'm guessing that replacing your video card isn't going to change anything, unless the video card is faulty.
Beg to differ.. If your in a low population area then fine but high population or raids and a 560Ti will struggle on max settings..
I Just about got max settings on my 670 to hold 60 fps in a 20 man raid (I know there aren't any 20 man raids but we did one with 20 so..)

To the OP.. drop you settings down just a little touch and you should be good.. remember a raid / BG etc is gonna stress your GPU simply by the number of spell effects flying round.
They also make it harder to see what is happening, med - high on particle effects / spell effects will make a huge improvement.

bar changing your cpu / board your best to just drop SOME settings a little bit.
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