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My System Specs


Not sure what is going on with Asus sound lately was having a few issues myself lately on the newest os and hardware, guess everything being new and all.

In your case your using an older os on a new board with new hardware, I believe that is your wits end problem in itself. Used to reinstall vista in my sleep on hardware that was around when it was, was very happy to see windows 7 now am on 8 playing with new quirks but all in all think an OS upgrade may be in order to solve allot of your sound wow's...

U can upgrade to win8 pro for like 40 bucks right from ms site. Or install the win8 eval and uograde from it and save your older os in case of hardware/software compatibility and need too dual boot idea.

So give a new os dual boot a try then decide what is for u idea, remember windows 7 is just a fixed vista in my opinion.

Found vista fast but pita though.

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