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If Y want volts to ramp up and down with CPU(1500-1600 to 4100 or 4200 or 4300 mhz) and with a 3570k chip on this board:

Like CPU voltage offset similar to A*** boards

Set CPU volts:

1.700 or 1.755

Hybrid Digital Power:
CPU V Core +Vdroop control: 68.5 %
Digital Compensation: High

As you get closer to 4300 MHz you may have to up the +vdroop YMMV

When cpu is at low use and around 1500-1600mhz it will have lower cpu volts
Under load say prime 95 at max MHz(4100 or 4200 or 4300) it will ramp up volts needed

Observe thru appropriate app that its doing that
cpuz is fast AND check for WHEA errors in administrative......... tools very important

If its WHEA errors in Administrative tools more juice is needed up the vdroop

you MAY find with a 3570k that at 4300 MHz(43 core ratio in CPU features) and up is not attainable without whea errors this way thou

Compared to fixed CPU volts

but running more MHz doesn't always increase CPU efficiency always
100-200mhz less speed isn't maybe a deal breaker to get changing voltage as some seek on this 'board

EDIT: cleaned up
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