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My System Specs

Default Windows Audio Enhancments

Wow, I haven't had this much fun (trouble shooting) in a long time.

I don't know wehre to begin. Let's see. I just popped an HD 7970 in my system about a week ago having been forced to use my rear headphone/speaker out jack due to the fact the GPU has no S/PDIF but it had 2 DVI and 4 Display ports. I don't have anything but a DVI>HDMI connector right now.

My TV/Monitor does not have display ports. Anyway, thats kind of redundant I think. My problem is that I thought I could just use my SupremeFX II rear speaker out (front panel is broken) for the time being. It worked great in the past. But some time after installing my new GPU all hell broke loose.

The sound I get now is muffled and somewhat echoy. I can hear some voice and some is missing. Windows complained I was having issued with sound enhancements and asked If I would like them turned off. I clicked on yes. But it still seems enabled.

Windows confirmed this as it complained again about it. I at first thought my riser card bit it so I reinstalled windows to make sure it wasn't a bunk install. Then I thought, well, I'll just put my old Audigy card back in there. Same problem.

I'm hoping that somone knows whats going on. I disabled all enhancments I could find reset the riser card. Replaced the riser with a PCI SB Audigy. I'm pulling my hair out here.

The only thing that has really changed since the trouble began was the new video card. I have disabled the onboard sound in the BIOS. Help would be much appreciated.

Any idea how to use Windows "AudioPlaybackDiagnostic.diagcab" ?

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