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Originally Posted by Trocko View Post
So I have been doing some digging, but not enough apparently. Intel's spread sheet says that the MAX voltage is 1.52v... Is that the max safe 24/7 voltage, or is it the "death is imminent" voltage?

I bought the tuner plan thingy for 20$, which activates on February 3rd, so I am going to really push my cpu then. Right now it is at 4.9ghz @ 1.43v

Just for reference, yes I have adequate cooling.. Its in a custom loop, xspc rasa block, dual 120m rad, triple thick. My cooling can definitely handle the clock, and voltage, it maxes at 63 degrees.

But the question remains, what is the maximum "safe" voltage before these chips start to degrade?

Thanks ^.^
1.4-1.45 is as high as I'd go for 24/7
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