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My System Specs


I've had most of my bad times with AMD with my 6850's. I ordered two, and got two different kinds... Both sapphire 6850's but one had 2x6pin connectors, the other had 1x6pin. I hooked them up anyway and tried it out. The one with 1 6 pin died within 2 weeks. I rma'd it and got a matching 2x6 pin one. Then i started having performance issues, where a single card was out performing my xfire'd ones. I would have major screen tearing issues, and then it eventually lead to BSOD's. If i took the cards out and used them alone, they both worked fine, in all 3 psi-e slots. But if i linked them together it was an instant BSOD.

With nvidia, i have had major issues with my gtx 260. It overheated, so i replaced the TIM, it had awful screen tearing, even with v sync on, and in general i didnt like the card...

Now i am running a gtx 470, and it is much MUCH better. I havent gone back to try AMD, but thats not to say i wont. Right now, the 470 is HOT, but fast. Once i put it underwater i dont think there will be any issues, if there are no issues when its running at 94 degrees lmao
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