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My System Specs


Ya just find over time that my keyboards get slower or miss a key while playing, could be the hundreds of packs of smokes and dropping ashes on them I would assume, plain wear and tear combination. Me I can't type worth a shit and that's with seeing the keys (back-lit), so for me back-lighting is important.

Now we move onto mechanical keyboards from old but hardly any come with pS2 connections anymore like the old days. Those u could rollover the whole keyboard, now today everything is usb and only 6 key rollover is the limit, sept for corsair that apparently has figured how too double this, though there keyboards seem to me too have too many bugs and miss shit even before the 600 packs of smokes gets into them ;).

Yesterday went shopping for a new keyboard my razor has had its time and pissed me off too many times now and replaced it with cooler master storm trigger, with brown switches.. They make 4 types of switches for this $120 keyboard and it is a preference thing, so go out and try them. Cherry red mx switches are popular black is the least popular brown a middle ground between gaming and typing... small tactile hump on it, more travel though they say, black the longest travel red the least... U should try them first.. Now these bitches are red in colour and I mean red, didn't see any blues...

Now your running a razor now ie: mouse, logical choice would be the ultimate mechanical black widow keyboard for u, me had enough of razor, wanted something more real... Other than great advertising, find them too busy these days and not making products like they used too... Anyway not wanting to go into a rant but basically u should get mechanical if buying today and check them out as far as preference, your feel for the keys that u prefer...

Have used blue, cherry and brown switch based keyboards like this brown the best so far and they are a little less noisy than my previous mech keyboards...
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