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My System Specs


While 'gaming' keyboards used to be the selling factor with all the lights and macro keys, I'd say it's more of a preference for better keys that people suddenly realize they want when switching from . For me personally, switching to a mechanical keyboard I found I made less mistakes and typed about 10wpm faster on a cherry blue type of key. Less activation force compared to my crappy Logitech mx3200 that had a super stiff membrane underneath was a breath of fresh air. I'm using a CM quickfire rapid red which lacks the gaming features found on more fanciful keyboards hasn't really been a problem.

However, if you really don't type all that much I don't really think it'd be justified to switch to a mech keyboard or invest in a gaming keyboard in general if what you're using at the moment is working fine. You might want to take a look at the types of mechanical keys/keyboards at a store and see if you prefer a particular type.

tl;dr don't buy a (membrane) gaming keybaord, buy a mech keyboard that fits your needs

edit: also, autohotkey can do a lot of those fancy keyboard functions

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