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Default Why Gamer Keyboard

Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
I am not sure why people use gaming keyboards I haven't noticed any playing difference between even a USB keyboard and the older non usb quality keyboards hehe the only thing that I do like is litup keys because I can't type worth a crap and still look at which keys I am using when typing hehe.
Now I am not saying that there is no difference but to me I think that it is all about the texture or feel when pressing keys. myself I would love to find a aluminum keyboard with lit keys and without the num pad but they ar e next to impossible for me to find at a even half decent price.
Ok - so this might be in the same category as a designer mouse pad?

As for seeing the keys, the backlight is just for cool factor. Learning proper typing is the one and only thing I learned in High School that I am eternally thankful for, and while I was an honour student acing sciences and maths I nearly flunked out of typing and hated it at the time. I came from the era of manual typewriters and a wicked teacher with a big yard stick used to whack your fingers any time she caught you looking at the keyboard (not that that helped much the school had painted out all the letters so all the keys were black anyway). But pain taught me to type and it is a skill I use everyday.

As for the feel of the keyboard, this M.S. one I have right now is good, keys are responsive and it has a few extra bells and whistles I guess I could learn to use them if I wanted to bother. Windows was able to identify it and load its specific drivers (up side of MS product I guess).

I just want to know what I am missing out on?

I use a big ergonomic mouse at work, along with one of these

I also use the ergonomic MS keyboard which some people hate - I like it, but it is too tall to allow the keyboard tray to close.

I might just end up getting a wireless version of that ergonomic keyboard for home as well. Once you get used to it, it is comfortable and I use it a lot at work. Been good for years of use.

I'm just wondering what these gamer keyboards offer for the dollar they command.

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