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Originally Posted by Desiato View Post
That image is idiotic. It may highlight a fact, but does nothing to prove that service providers are overcharging.

Comparisons to other countries are equally inaccurate due to factors such as climate and population density.

IMO: Service providers--such as the big three--take a substantial risk when they borrow billions to build national networks; they are accountable not only to customers, but also investors and other stakeholders who expect a return. Therefore it is their prerogative on how they monetize those networks.

If consumer habits change or new tech prematurely deprecates existing infrastructure, stakeholders could lose a lot.

On the bright side, because Canadian telecommunications remain lucrative to invest in, high ROIs ensure investments and loans will continue. As a result, we have more tech jobs and Canadians continue to enjoy the latest network technologies.

Umm sorry but climate? Population density? You do know that our overall population density is really low when looking at the entire country as a whole, but that is not an accurate figure as about 90% of our population lives in the few major centers across the country. For example as of 2011 Edmonton CMA (census metropolitan area) has a density of 123/square km, Metro Vancouver is 802/square km, and the Greater Toronto Area is 850/square km. All of these are quite high and compare very similar to most larger centers in Europe. They are in fact very close to how Sweden is, yet they have average download speeds of about 1.5-2x faster and uploads about 3-5x faster. Oh yea and they pay less than we do as well.
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