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i owned many razor products over the last few years my latest is the naga hex. some of the other where the orichi mamba and ouroboros. i remember back in the early 2000s i got a g5 and until recently when i started using razor products for my mice i swore by the g9x. i will say that those 2 logitech devices are without a doubt leagues better the razor. they are more durable with better tracking and in general feel better, now that last one is my own personal preference. but yea, i currently use the g500 a mouse i got for xmas from my gf. i really didnt want to buy another g9x as awesome as that mouse was using it for 3 years was enough. the g500 is an amazing replacement. quality is the only word i could use to describe it. the g600 felt kind of cheap by comparison. with the 3 buttons to the left of the main click wobbling. but thats not here nor there. and a problem with the naga is that you can only make use of the 1st two rows... the last row is damn near impossible to reach with the thumb. unless you want carpal tunnel. on top of that its really hard to feel the difference between all the buttons. the naga hex however is a pretty good mouse. a bit small... but in general i would say its one of the best razor mice.
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