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My System Specs


Originally Posted by kenanchristian View Post
Why is the SSD?
I hv a big enough hard drives :)
maybe i should save some money and then buy an power supply and the graphic card
how about it?
Well, hard drives are realllyyy slow compared to SSDs.. if you put an SSD in your system, you'd get a lot faster boot times and applications would load faster. :)

Originally Posted by kenanchristian View Post
My friend suggest me to buy Digital Alliance HD 4850
He has a 340watt power supply and he said that the graphic card works well

how about that?
Must i buy that one?
The HD 4850 is okay.. but a tad old, I see someone recommending a 5670, I would much rather that.. although your current power supply is my main worry.

Originally Posted by Kilauea View Post
Yes having a SSD is really nice, but I would never recommend that for your needs. Your computer may not be the fastest, but it would definitively benefit from a new GPU (not a top of the line one). With your no name PSU it is hard to recommend anything because its like a time bomb where we don't know when it will fail dragging with it other parts (most likely). As others have suggested, getting a new PSU (a quality 400 or 450w would be plenty) would be a priority, then getting a new GPU would be more appropriate.

Now, if you want to take the risk, I would recommend at least getting a GPU which doesn't require much power. It won't be amazing, but still much better than what you currently have. I am not fully aware of recent models that fit these requirements. I know I did this for my gf for when I want to play games on her computer, I can play fine with lowered details.

As mentioned above, I am more worried about his power supply rather than his GPU or if he has an SSD or not :) I would upgrade the PSU before even touching any graphics card

I see people talking about getting a HD7850? Please don't post complete nonsense.. his PSU nor budget would fit that card.
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