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My System Specs


PCIe X16,normally,depends on the card too.on the card you see the conector ,it may be x16, x8 x4...

The longest and highest slot is almost always X16 and if you have 2 long slots like the highest one,they are not both x16,they are the same but the second one works only in X8. it does not make a real difference but always plug the card into the highest slot.anyway you have the slot for even the biggest cards of today,so there is no problem.

PCIe 2 cards will work in PCI 1 slots (what you have) but you will have about 0 to 3 % less performance.

In general,if the card has a smaller connector than the biggest slot,just plug the card in the slot of the right can also install a x4 card,for example,in a x16 slots. it's just an amount of lanes inside the slot.

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