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While there is nothing wrong with enjoying or really liking to play any form of computer/video game at any age, it is a serious problem. A lot of people have been hesitant to draw any conclusions about computer game addictions, but it is just as damaging to one's life as substance abuse... just in different ways.

Most "professionals" have very little experience dealing with computer game addictions as it is such a new category and only a handful of places actually recognize and treat it as a serious problem. I know of people who have lost their jobs, their vehicles, and even couldn't pay their mortgages due to gaming addictions. I myself have really lost a few very important milestones in my life to this problem. I still get very sad when I think about some of the things I f*d up due to a gaming addiction.

Now, it doesn't always mean it will be that bad or extreme, but it is a serious problem if it starts to keep you from doing what needs to be done! For example, my mom plays hours of "We Rule" and "Bejelwed" almost every day and still keeps her job stable and has friends to visit, but her personal health and cleanliness of her house has completely gone to a state that scares and disgusts me. It would be nice if less people would try to joke it off and understand that it's really nothing to joke about.
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