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Originally Posted by XNine View Post
I would actually have to check with my Production Manager on that. I've emailed him to see what the status is, but I believe all Switches as of November of last year were being produced with the revised top panel, the question is, will you get one or an original one that was stocked at the place that you buy it from. Additionally, our new Phantom 630, and the Phantom 820 would both fit the Kraken X60 without issue. They were both produced after we adopted 15mm fan spacing in our chassis.

Once I hear back from Rob, I'll let you know.

Canada Computers nearby me said they have no problem to look at the serial numbers of the Switch 810's they have in stock to make sure I get one with the revised panel. I would need a serial number range to look for though.

Btw, the Phantom 630 looks like an amazing case! Too bad it may not be available for purchase before my build.......... What's the clearance between the internal top plate of the 630 and the top edge of the motherboard? Kraken x60 Push/Pull anyone?
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