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Originally Posted by jibz View Post
What threat?

Canada has capped those kind of lawsuits at $1500 and their legal fees are significantly more than that. Take a very expensive lawyer some time to do all the paper work. It's an overly publicized scare tactic and what really gets under my skin is that a lot moral-less thieving punks would be legitimate customers if there was a modern distribution channel for the product.

The last time I watched TV I was baffled. Normally I choose between ads or paying for content, with TV your only option is both. Not to mention programmed vs on demand, modern GUIs vs that worse-than-using-a-command-line thing they put on digital boxes.
The Voltage Pictures vs Teksavvy saga should be a fair warning shot:
TekSavvy forum |, ISP Information

Many customers of teksavvy are being warned by teksavvy that Voltage Films have requested the real names of a list of IP addresses. Many folks in that forum have reported that they are on Voltage's radar.
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