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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
This is a funny video .. "No monkey business!"

Ok.. then explain to me what fans are being used on the H100 and the Thermaltake as well as the Swiftech.

I bet you the fans make a big difference as well in temps and realistically the average between the Swiftech and H100 is so little that I'm not that impressed.
It depends what heat load is being generated. If your 2c lower at 100w load you could be 4-5 c at 160.
To compare corsair and thermaltake to swiftech should infact be illegal.

Fans are of importance but I think you have completely neglected the most important aspect.
Swiftech is a liquid cooling company. They excel over corsair and thermaltakes asetek rebrand.
The swiftech system is not a sealed unit. meaning upgrading and expanding are possible.
Tubing on swiftech system is primochill quality tubing and looks nicer than others.
Pump on the swiftech kit has superior flow rate and can handle a whole loop with multiple blocks .
The other kits have a much weaker pump.
swiftech block internals are much better.

I hope this covers it. basically every inch of the swiftech kit is better.
the fans in the swiftech look similar to scythes gentle typhoons which are super quiet and perform well on radiators.
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