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Originally Posted by Masteroderus View Post
So you swapped cases and your temps went up a few degrees? 10 degrees isn't unreasonable for a temperature change.

Simple answer is your new case isn't as good as your old one at cooling your stuff.

Make sure you have positive pressure inside the case. I have all fans as intakes except for the cpu exhaust fan.

Adding 2 more fans to my case dropped my cpu temps enough that it runs silently now. Try and figure out how to get better airflow in the case and your temps should drop.


I just thought of something. Are you running a liquid cooling unit like the H80 with the radiator mounted on the cpu exhaust port? If so, that's your culprit.

Using the cpu exhaust port as an intake for a liquid cooling unit is a double edged sword. You'll be blowing hot air all over the MOFSET and northbridge heatsink, raising their temps, but the LCU works better taking in fresh air, at the cost of a couple of NB/MB degrees.
the fan on my exhaust port with the radiator is pulling out of the case and my 2 front case fans intake with my 200mm at the top doing intake aswell i believe plu i ordered 2 new 120mm fans for bottom case intake and push pull on the radiator. hopefully that will help but other than that im oging to have to buy a spot cooler if those don't make the difference
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