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My System Specs


Thanks for the feedback guys. Truth is those temps were achieved in the worst case (pun intended) scenario. That was with the side panel closed on my POS P180b Antec garbage PC case. The GPU fans were left at stock speeds I think the stock profile doesn't go above 10% till it hit's 50c lol.

I have no way to properly create positive pressure properly with this case. 1 fan below at the front blowing in, one at the top and another at the top rear blowing out. If I invert one of the top mounted fans I fear I may create some sort of nasty vortex that will create a hot spot around the CPU cooler and or NB.

I know I have to upgrade that lousy tin can. But what I'm really after is opinion of the Power/board and mem temps. Those seem reasonable? They are much lower now because I ramped up the fan profile and run it with the side open till I get rid of this black tower of terminal thermals.

I am a little ignorant on the subject. Though thorough, I fear that might make me thoroughly ignorant.
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