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My System Specs


Have you guys not seen the new reviews of the 7970 after the driver updates? It's keeping stride with a 680 now, and beating it in some cases.

Look at HWC forum for a review of 7970 matrix for example. It has a "ghz edition" for a comprable to the matrix, and even the non matrix beats the 680 in skyrim and bf3.

You are pointing out data from a review with the old drivers which SUCKED SO BAD. Before they new drivers my trifire 6950 rig would not run msaa on bf3, it would crash it 100%. In dual mode it would run the msaa fine. Now bf3 runs the msaa in trifire without microstutter at CRAZY FRAMERATES! Sorry to rant, but the new ATI drivers are a MEGA improvement.

The 7970 is essentially 2 modded 6950's running in a perfectly working dual mode crossfire rig.

When I added a second modded 6950 to my rig, there was a huge difference, but not in all games. Skyrim looked the same, sc2 played at the same framerate but with more anti ailiasing.

In fact, the only game that really changed drastically was bf3. It drank deep from the new GPU.

SO in summary speaking from someone with an analagous experience to upgrading from a oc and unlocked 6950 to a 670, I do not think you should upgrade. You're not playing bf3 and need a rig to play bf4, or analagous bleeding edge games. You can download "RadeonPro" to actually see how much games utilize your GPU core. Many games don't ever come close to maxing out a single GPU.

The new 8000 series and the new 7xx series will be upon us soon, and I would save off from upgrading until them. Especially if you have liquid cooling as you can OC a 6950 pretty high.

If you feel the bug, upgrade your LCS!
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