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Originally Posted by dandelioneater View Post
Typical case of a GE (Good Enough) job done by our government/gov't employees which has lead to a CF of a situation for many people. Unfortunately I don't think that a class action lawsuit will do much in the long run. This crap is still going to happen again unless heads are brought to the axe.

**Mental image of Lord Stark executing the Night's Watch deserter in GoT** mmmm....

-btw I work in the public sector, so i'm bashing myself too i suppose.
HRDC has had a lot of cutbacks over the past year. Makes you wonder if the cuts were done properly (but its hard to know...this could have happened anyways).

But if you get a staff thats poorly trained or have poor policies in place, with little accountability, stuff like this will happen. Throw cuts in there and it can get brutal.
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