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Originally Posted by rfglass View Post
Free is good, so I looked into it and got hooked up to OpenDNS. Now what?

From what I can see it has great parental controls, ... my youngest is a 30 something IT tech living in the states, ... not much use I guess until the grandson comes for a visit.

It promised faster internet, and maybe. I did the speedtest thing and I'm now getting much more consistent values of 5.1 - my record is 5.28, but my graph looks like a profile of the rocky mountains, speedtests would vary from 2.x up to 4.x with that one nice spike at 5.28. In a half dozen tests since installing DNS my chart has leveled out at about 4.8-5.1 with only minor variation. Upload has not changed much, a little more consistent at 1.1 up.

But now what do I do with this new service?

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