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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Brian@NCIX View Post
I've been using ATI/AMD since the 9xxx era, (9600 pro, X1900XT, 2900XT, 4870, 5870, 6970, 7970) skipped the 3k HD series and got myself a 9800GT instead. Funny enough, nearly every ATI/AMD card I owned was Sapphire (even when I tell myself I'll buy a different brand!), except the 7970.

I've seen both sides of the spectrum, and they both have their driver problems, as well as downfalls in each generation. For each complaint one side has, the other side has something equal, believe me when I say that.
Ha! Sounds eerily similar to me. Though, after 3dfx was bought by nVidia and refused to support my card thereafter a swore I would never get an nVidia card. Technically, I never did. But I did just trade my 5870 for a GTX 295 to play with.

I really like the performance of this 7970 if I could just get it to draw all textures at all times.
I thought I had a problem with getting sound from the GTX but Great Big Abyss came to the rescue and sent me an S/PDIF cable that fixed it.

The 7970 I have has four DP and two DVI but no internal S/PDIF so I have been forced to use my head phones off the sound card. It is a sweet card but I don't see an advantage to having four DP and no HDMI. Especially if you can't get sound to your TV via DVI>HDMI.

Sorry, I tend to ramble. Olditis is setting in. But yeah, I know, I have seen plenty of people with diver issues on both red and green teams.
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