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My System Specs


I've been trying to get into this DDNS thing too. Apparently my ASUS Rounter (RT-N556U) is supposed to allow me to plug in a USB Disk and after a few quick clicks the system sets up FTP:// which I then can log into over the internet. Unfortunately I've not been able to get past the "invalid IP" error that comes my way when i try to set this up. I've tried a dozen different variations on "myname" which the documents say can be anything. So I tried No-IP but again I cannot seem to get that to work. I spend way too long on what turned out to not be toll free number (812 is not toll free, thats Indianna). My ASUS email buddy who tried to help me in a series of emails gave me the 812 number and said it was toll free. He lied (or was misinformed). The telephone bill will be more than the cost of registering an FTP site through these DDNS services.

Any recommendations on how to set up a USB Drive on your Router as a FTP server that has no fee for service.

I have not yet given up on if anyone has any tricks about making that free FTP server work, I'd love to hear it.

And I'm still trying to wrap my head around how to make the No-ip thing work as an FTP server for my USB drive on the router. I'm told I could fire up an old Vista laptop I have in the basement and use filezilla to turn it into an FTP server, and if I want connect the USB drive to that laptop. Could happen. I've been wondering what to do with that old laptop anyway.

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